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Why we are opting for wine instead of beer on St. Patrick's Day?

It's nearly St. Patrick's Day, and although we tend to think about drinking "green beer" to celebrate, we are opting for "green wine" instead!

Why you might ask?

Our love of wine runs deep, and we think green themed wine can be enjoyed to celebrate St.Patrick's Day! Also, we can avoid drinking food colouring mixed with beer and beer bloat. Some may argue, but give it a try and you may surprise yourself.

One of our favourite wines to enjoy on St. Patrick's Day is Vinho Verde, which translates in English to green wine. Now don't get confused, as this wine isn't actually the colour green. The reference green relates to the citrus freshness, low alcohol, and that it is bottled young.

This dry, Portuguese white wine is crisp with an ever present note of acidity. Its flavour is tart with hints of lemon, gooseberry, and grapefruit. Not only is this "green wine" perfect for St. Patrick's Day, it also makes the perfect summer wine chilled and served by the pool.

If you plan to give up green beer this year for a chilled glass of Vinho Verde, here are some great Irish dishes to pair with it!

We hope that you enjoy these pairing ideas and that you give Vinho Verde a try!


Vintner's Cellar Saskatoon

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