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How does the whole process work?

  • The process is easy! You select the wine, add the yeast and come back in about 6 weeks to bottle your wine. We do the rest of the work for you in our store.


What kind of wine do you have?


  • We have a wide variety of wines including the majority of your popular reds and whites as well as a large selection of fruit wines. You can find a list here: Our Wine


Do I need to make an appointment to start my wine?

  • You don’t require an appointment to start your wine, but we do make appointments for you to bottle your wine at the end of the process.


How long does it take to start the wine?

  • Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can help you pick out the perfect wine you are looking for if you do not already know then we will process your payment, prepare the wine kit for you to sprinkle in the yeast. No more than 10-15 minutes for the process


How long does it take to bottle the wine?

  • It can take about 30 minutes for an experienced wine maker or potentially 45 - 60 minutes to a beginner.


Do I need help when bottling or can I come alone?

  • This is up to you! Our staff will be there to help you along the way if you need.


How many bottles of wine does it make?

  • Each batch makes 30, 750 ml bottles or 60, 375 ml bottles.


Can we put our wine in bags?


  • Yes, we do sell the bags. Each batch makes roughly 4.5 to 5, 5L bags.


What are the prices?

  • The prices vary depending on the package that you select.  Our brew-on-premise packages range roughly from $180 to $328.


What does each package include?

  • Each brew-on-premise package includes your corks, shrinks, and labels. Bottles and bags are an additional fee.

How long does the wine last in bottles and bags?


  • The wine lasts roughly 2 years in the bottles and roughly 6-8 months in the bags.


If we purchase bottles from you, do we have to bring our own boxes to take them home?

  • No we provide the boxes for you if you purchase the bottles from us.


What if I have my own bottles?

  • You can bring in your own bottles. Even if you only have the partial amount, you can always buy the additional bottles from us when you come to bottle.


Do my bottles have to be clean and sanitized before I come to bottle my wine?


  • We ask that you have them rinsed out really well, but we have a commercial dishwasher that we run all the bottles through to ensure they are clean and sanitized.


How long does it take to brew the wine?


  • About 6 weeks total unless you are interested in the oak Barrel Club and that process can take 8 weeks or more.


Can we drink the wine right away?


  • With our pure juice kits they can be enjoyed right away, but they will definitely age nicely with time.

  • For our concentrate-based wines you’ll want to give them a little more time. But it all comes down to personal preference.


What is the difference between all of your kits?


  • Gold Medallion (concentrate-based wines) – 6L bag of juice is added to 17L of water

  • 100% Pure Juice – 23L of pure juice is used to make the wine (there is no water added)

  • Premium Elite – 16L of juice is added to 7L of water

    • These wines are exclusive juices and region specific

  • Limited Reserve – 23L of region specific juices are used to make the wine (there is no water added)

    • Some of these wines come with fresh crushed grape skins


Do you sell kits to take home?


  • Yes, all of our kits can be purchased to take home.


Can we make custom labels?

  • Yes, we can create custom labels for your business or special days like weddings or anniversaries for an additional fee.


Can I sample some wine before I commit to purchasing a package?

  • Under our SLGA license, we are not permitted to offer samples. However, we do guarantee the product 100%.

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