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BBQ + Wine Pairing

It has been an ah-mazingly hot summer in Saskatoon and we are loving it! We have spent more time outside BBQing with friends and family than we did last year. With all the backyard parties and gatherings comes wine pairing and tasting. We own a wine making store now, so we don't have an excuse to show up without a bottle or two of wine.

I often get asked what pairs nicely with different foods or if I have any recommendations when pairing certain foods. Although there are some pretty basic tips for wine and food pairing, my best advice is for people to experiment as much as they can with different foods and wines. In the summer, BBQ is a must so I have created a nice little cheat sheet for all you BBQ lovers out there!

Whether you are grilling up veggies or a mean old steak here are some great pairing options for you:

BBQ Chicken

We love throwing chicken on the grill and seasoning it with our favourite spices. Our two favourite wines that pair perfectly with grilled chicken is our Vinho Verde and Pinot Noir.

Vinho Verde's crisp lemony flavour is light on the palate and when chilled is a killer glass of wine to enjoy on a hot summer day. Not too mention, is delicious when pairing with a nicely roasted chicken.

Pinot Noir is also a fan favourite for us. This light-bodied red wine is slightly spicy on the nose with hints of balsa wood as well as citrus notes. A soft lively fruitiness on the palate makes this a great alternative for all the red wine lovers!

BBQ Steak

There is nothing better than throwing a mean old steak on the grill! We typically splurge and get some cold smoked steaks from a local store in Saskatoon. With the hints of smoke we love pairing our steaks with our Cabernet Sauvignon or our Chilean Carménère. Both excellent choices and you can't really go wrong!

Our Cabernet Sauvignon is a California favourite that has intense red colour with purplish hues. This full-bodied red wine has mouth smacking appeal and simple complexity. It's big body pairs well with a big juicy steak.

BBQ Pork

We can't forget about tasty pork sausages. This are definitely a must during the summer months. They are juicy and naturally we would pair them with a light to medium-bodied red wine but we can't forget about the white alternative.

Our two favourite wines to enjoy with pork sausages are our Bordailles Rouge and our Johannisberg Riesling.

Our Bordailles Rouge is comparable to a Bordeaux Style wine. This smooth and round wine has velvety notes of berry. The Bordailles Rouge is low in tannins making it a great pair as it doesn't overpower the flavour of the pork sausages.

Our Johannisberg Riesling is light-coloured with a flowery bouquet, complex with fruit and cinnamon flavours. This crisp and dry on the palate wine makes for a perfect alternative to your red wine pairing.

BBQ Veggies

Last but not least is grilled veggies. We love drizzling extra virgin olive oil, with a dash of salt and red pepper flakes over our veggies. It gives them a nice spicy taste.

Because we like our veggies with a little heat, we often pair them with a sweeter white wine like a Riesling. When eating spicy food it is recommended to drink a sweeter wine as it helps mellow the spiciness.

However, if you prefer grilling your veggies without spice you can always pair them with a chilled glass of Sauvignon Blanc or Chardonnay.

For BBQ Seafood pairing ideas, check out my Garlic + Rosemary BBQ Crab Legs blog post and for Burger pairing ideas, check out my Blue Cheese Burgers blog post.

Happy Grilling Everyone,


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