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Mango Salsa

Growing up Bill and I spent many summers at our family's cabin at Waskesiu Lake. Each summer I still try to get up there at least once for some R 'n R. This long weekend I am enjoying two days off at the cabin. What I enjoy about being at the lake is afternoon appies and happy hour on the deck. One of my go-to appetizer recipes is mango salsa and tortilla chips.

A few years ago I tried to find a mango salsa recipe that I liked, but I wasn't successful in finding one that I enjoyed. So I decided to recreate my own by adding all of the ingredients I liked from the other recipes. After a few attempts I created just the perfect mango salsa...or at least that is what I think.




2 mangoes

2 avocados

1 purple onion

1/2 a lemon

2 stems of cilantro (you can leave cilantro out if you don't like it)


Dice the mango, avocado and purple onion. Add to a bowl and stir. Chop and add cilantro. Squeeze half of a lemon in the bowl. Stir and serve.

The prep and cook time is roughly 15 minutes.

I hope you enjoy this recipe!


Kathryn Thompson

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